Cram The Van 2021

Cram The Van 2021

Today we are raising money for Cram the Van live with our friends at Phocus from the Kroger in Stony Brook   Phocus will be matching the first $5,000 in listener donations to benefit Wayside Christian Mission, The Salvation Army and St Vincent DePaul.  We have a gofundme page set up here at: 

CRAM THE VAN 2021 | ESPN Louisville

You can call 502-593-5662

Or Venmo : @svdplou

Or come to the Kroger in Stony Brook and donate in person.  We will take all the money we raise and let the charities spend it the following Wednesday so they can Cram a Sternbern Van and Truck full of toys and clothes.  That’s all day live from Kroger in Stony Brook with Phocus caffeinated sparkling water.