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December 15, 2012

This week, we talked about the demise of the Big East Conference with the seven non-FBS football schools breaking away.  We gave our thoughts and opinions on how it came to this.  Thoughts on the fall of the Big East?  Send them to and we'll read them on the air next week.

We also talked about Rob Parker's ridiculous comments concerning RGIII.  Our man on the street in Dallas, John Lewis, joins the discussion as it sparks several interesting points.  Thoughts on Rob Parker and RGIII?  Send those to and we'll read them on the air next week as well.

And remember, with the end of College Football Gameday for the season, we get to sleep in now.  We're now on 10AM-Noon.

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This week, it's an NBA referee trying to block Kris Humphries' free throw as someone is trying to check in.  This is pretty amazing...even the NBA officials are giving Humphries (the ex-Mr. Kim Kardashian) a hard time.  Enjoy:











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